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Dear Future and current Patreon supporters, 

Four Died Trying has come under attack by forces that appear determined to suppress the series. As a result, our Patreon page has been suspended. We are fighting back and are confident that our page will be restored soon


In the meantime, links to the 4DT podcasts -- free to all subscribers --  are below, as are the password-protected links to the Prologue and Chapter One, available to those subscribed at the appropriate levels.


We are not able to take more subscribers for the present, but please sign up for our mailing list to stay updated about future chapters and other Four Died Trying news. 


Many thanks for all your support,


John Kirby


Four Died Trying


The Prologue

Chapter One


Episode 1

Mark Crispin Miller joins Aaron Good, John Kirby and Libby Handros

Episode 2

Aaron Good speaks with Ed Curtin

Episode 3

Aaron Good interviews Jim DiEugenio

Episode 4

Aaron Good speaks with Bryce Greene


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