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Eighty Years of Biowar Censorship? (DCC26)

Devil's Chess Club is an American Exception production. This episode of Devil's Chess Club premieres here exclusively thanks to Four Died Trying!

David Talbot rejoins Aaron and Bryce to discuss his new article and related topics: "Give Peace a Chance: The Time Is Now for Kennedy to Meet with Pope Francis." Then we are joined again by Jeffrey Kaye—a retired psychologist turned blogger and forensic historian. We discuss his new investigation and article, "Suppressed for Decades: FBI Reports Suggest Japanese WW2 Balloon Attacks on U.S. & Canada Included Biological Agents." Jeffrey Kaye is also the author of Cover-up at Guantanamo and a number of Korean War biowarfare articles.

Special thanks to:

  • Dana Chavarria, production

  • Casey Moore, graphics

  • Michelle Boley, animated intro

  • Mock Orange, music


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