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MLK and the Enduring Hope for Truth and Reconciliation [The Kennedy Beacon Podcast 14]

This Kennedy Beacon episode is dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Join hosts Frances Scott, Aaron Good, and Niko House for an in-depth discussion about King’s life, the era of assassinations, and “The Intertwined Fates of Martin Luther King and the Kennedy Brothers,” Aaron Good’s most recent column for The Kennedy Beacon.

Frances Scott is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, a health freedom and medical device safety advocate, and a columnist at The Kennedy Beacon.

Niko House is a journalist, political analyst, election integrity activist, host of the popular podcast, Mi Casa Es Su Casa and a columnist at The Kennedy Beacon.


Aaron Good, PhD, is the author of American Exception: Empire and the Deep State, host of the American Exception and Devil's Chess Club podcasts, and a columnist at The Kennedy Beacon.

Four Died Trying is Executive Produced by Mark Gorton, the co-chair of the American Values 2024 super PAC, which funds this podcast and The Kennedy Beacon.


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