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Less than one year before his tragic assassination in 1965, Malcolm X had established the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU), a cornerstone human rights organization driven by a clear objective: to bring this cause to the United Nations, demanding accountability from the U.S. government for its failure to protect Black citizens from orchestrated acts of racial terrorism.

For over half a century, the circumstances surrounding Malcolm X's infamous assassination have been shrouded in secrecy. Law enforcement sought to portray Malcolm's murder as an outcome of an internal dispute with the Nation of Islam (NOI), the group he had parted ways with in 1964. This false narrative, bolstered by the U.S. Government and amplified by the mainstream media, has persisted, obscuring the truth — until now.

FOUR DIED TRYING, an extraordinary documentary series premiering on November 22, 2023, on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Google Play, weaves together the lives and untimely deaths of Malcolm X, MLK Jr., JFK, and RFK — illuminating the interconnected stories of these four men together for the very first time.

Join us this November as FOUR DIED TRYING uncovers untold truths and reveals hidden narratives, paying homage to the enduring legacies of these remarkable figures.


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