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In the years following President Kennedy's assassination, his brother Robert underwent a profound transformation. The deeply empathetic nature that defined the famously tough campaigner completely took hold. By the late 1960s, Bobby Kennedy urged Dr. King to "bring the poor to Washington," aligned with exploited farm laborers, and called for an end to the Vietnam War. Remarkably, he ran against the incumbent President Lyndon Johnson, a fellow party member.

Privately, he continued probing his brother's murder. He was the nation's first assassination "conspiracy theorist," questioning individuals at the CIA, in the mafia, and among the Cuban exile community about their potential involvement. Though he planned to publicly support the official "lone nut" assassin theory, his enemies knew that his presidency would empower him to seek justice. They couldn't allow that. Moments after his victory in the California primary, he was gunned down in cold blood. He died a day later. It was widely felt around the world that the last hope for American democracy died with him.

FOUR DIED TRYING, an astonishing documentary series, uncovers the truth about the extraordinary lives and assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and President John F. Kennedy. Four visionaries that paid the ultimate price.

Starting November 2, FOUR DIED TRYING will expose concealed truths and present fresh perspectives from over 120 interviews, some speaking for the first or last time. Join us in this extraordinary journey.


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